About Us

City Broadband Network Pvt. Ltd.

City Broadband Network Pvt Ltd(CBNPL), referred to simply as City Broadband Network, is an Internet service provider head quartered in Rudrapur. In 2011, it was founded as City Broadband and in the year 2014 it was named as City broadband Network Pvt Ltd. City Broadband has a large customer base.

City Broadband Network Pvt Ltd, an Internet Service Provider holding an ISP license from the Department of Telecommunication (DOT) Government of India, to provide Internet Services in the entire Uttar Pradesh West/Uttarakhand and area of Nainital under the applicable licenses and is currently engaged in the business of providing dedicated Internet and Leased Line services to its customers in various parts of these service area using Bharti Airtel Limited as its backend Provider. The City Broadband objectives is to provide internet services and activities relating to ISP to everyone like companies,body corporate, trusts, schools,hotels, firms, Associations, Institutions and individuals.

With a deep understanding of how crucial commitments and deadlines can get in today's day and age, the company focuses on delivering high speed internet. Ever since its inception, the company has been scouting for mediums and technology to enhance their services. This level of dedication and delivery of service resulted in a wider patron base and thus the establishment of multiple outlets. With all that it has to deliver, the company has set a benchmark for its competitors. Its wide patron base has been part of the resounding applause the company has received for its services. It ensures that its customers can enjoy strong and on-going internet connection regardless of the time of the day and season. This business establishment set foot in the business in 2011 and now it is the first company in Kamaun region to provide upto 100mbps speed. Much to its advantage it stands amidst multiple establishments that are either residential or commercial in nature. Owning close proximity to its customers, the company takes the advantage of being able to serve its guests in a much better fashion. The head office is located at near chawla theatre,kashipur road , Rudrapur,U.S.Nagar which helps customers in finding this broadband internet provider more easily.